Eastern Europe
Maybe more accurately described as a study of two former Soviet states –Ukraine and Azerbaijan, this body of work is my oldest but is no less important because of that. It typifies what has become my main interest –to document communities living as best they can under economic and social disadvantage or undergoing rapid change and my attempt to record the effect that these external pressures have on people.

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Three miners from the former 'Socialist Donbass ' coalmine have a cigarette after working the night shift. Donetsk, Ukraine
Irina Slakar preparing her veil on her wedding day. She is marrying Demitri a former miner at the Socialist Donbass coal mine. Donetsk, Ukraine.
A family sit's in their car to keep warm on New Years Day 1992. Their car is know to local's as 'The coffin on wheels’ The temperature outside was -15C. Donetsk, Ukraine.
Iliya, the son of Irina and Demeteri, sleeping by the window to get some of the summer. He was five days old at the time. The following week Iliya tragically died from Meningitis, a devastating shock for his parents and family as this was their first child. They went on to have several more children. Donetsk, Ukraine. May 1994
A bucket captures water leaking through the roof of the Russian Orthadox Church. Donetsk, Ukraine. December 1991.
A steelworker preparing scrap metal for smelting at the steelworks in Donetsk, Ukraine. The works is massive, measuring 2km in length. December 1992.
The Bestman & Bridesmaid at the reception to another Wedding in the Mining community. Donetsk, Ukraine. April 1991.
A boy dives into the lake outside the 'Socialist Donbass' coal mine. Waste from the mine leaches into the lake but that doesn't stop children and adults swimming in the water. April 1993. Donetsk, Ukraine.
The funeral procession for a member of the Croatian militia, killed by Serb forces in the Yugoslav Civil. Vukovar, May 1992.
Oil worker reaches for the crane head on a rig. Baku, Azerbaijan. April 1995
Oil workers drilling at one of the hundreds of wellheads in Baku, Azerbaijan. The country is the main player in the region exploiting the oil wealth of the Caspian Sea and is the focus of interest of several western oil corporations. April 1995
In the home of one of the thousands of oil worker, a daughter attends to her mothers cut thumb. Housing for the workers is very basic, this family of six living in three small rooms. Baku, Azerbaijan. April 1995
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