NHS 70
To mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS I was asked to document the amazing...
Ads are out for a Campaign I shot earlier in the year for Adidas in...
Anti Knife Crime campaign with FCBInferno
Natwest Cricket
Shot this film for NatWest. The theme is 'Cricket has no boundaries' and it's about....
The Shatila refugee camp was set up by the Red Cross to house the thousands of Palestinian refugees who arrived there in 1948. The current population is estimated to be over
Anti Knife Crime campaign with FCB Inferno
Just shot the new anti Knife Crime campaign for the Home Office.
The district of Stolipinovo in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria is home to the largest Roma community in Europe. Built in the late 1960's to 70's the area was residentially mixed with Bulgarians from many
Natwest M&C Saatchi
Good to see the work I shot for NatWest and M&C Saatchi up on the poster sites. All the shots were taken at
Canon Cameras
VCCP asked me to travel over to Barcelona for the weekend and do some street photography. It was short notice and we only had
VCCP commissioned me to direct three short videos for digital billboards and on-line.
BUPA Shoot
New campaign out for BUPA this week. Shot in on the back of TV a couple of weeks ago with a great
Myanmar 2017
After visiting Yangon last year I felt a real itch to go back and explore the city in more depth. As it's only recently
What Future
Back in August I was asked by the fashion magazine 'Boys' to do a piece asking young men aged 18-15 what they felt about
Did a shoot over in Romania for Libresse back in October last year. On the back of TV and had
Now that the military dictatorship in Myanmar is coming to an end the country has become one of the new frontier states on the tourist trail. The country is famous for it's temples and monks so I decided to look a bit more under the skin of the place so I focused on
Cancer Research UK
I spent four days documenting people being treated for cancer at St James's Hospital, Leeds. The shoot was for the 2016 Cancer Research UK campaign and involved me working in a pure documentary way and
The Jungle camp in Calais is home to 6000 refugees from the Middle East and Africa. After spending several weeks and several thousand dollars more and more people are arriving at this make shift refugee camp daily. To describe the Jungle as a camp is misleading as this is unlike any
Nuffield TV Ads
Got my first ad on on terrestrial TV. The agency liked the SM film we shot for Nuffield so much they decided to do three extra cuts from it. Two 10 second ad's and one 30 second combination all for TV.
Natwest. M&C Saatchi
Good to see the work I shot for NatWest and M&C Saatchi up on the poster sites. Lots of late nights with the team and big thanks to them for all the hard work.
Gold at Creative Circle Awards
Just got two Golds at the Creative Circle Awards. Gold for Best Poster Campaign and Gold for Best Poster Single. Both shot for the SCA Bodyform campaign with AMVBBDO. Great news and big thanks to all the team.
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