The Jungle camp in Calais is home to 6000 refugees from the Middle East and Africa. After spending several weeks and several thousand dollars more and more people are arriving at this make shift refugee camp daily. To describe the Jungle as a camp is misleading as this is unlike any ‘refugee camp’ I’ve visited before. It’s a stretch of open muddy ground that the arrivals have made home out of old tents, tarpaulin and hand me down sleeping bags. The lucky ones get a donated broken down caravans or a garden shed to live in, these are reserved for families with young children.

Since my previous visit last year the port is now surrounded by four meter high fencing and patrolled by hundreds of French CRS riot police. What remote chance these people had of getting across the channel last year has been reduced to zero. This is a situation that will just get worse as the winter arrives.

I’ve donated an image to the charity Prints for Refugees which has been set up to raise funds to help bring some relief for the growing number of refugees arriving in Europe. The site has received donations from photographers which are all on sale.

The site link is here:

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Washing dring in the Kurdish part of the camp. many Kurds have come as families with young children.
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