Ginsters Social Media
Ginsters social media. Shot over a couple of rainy days in early April.
Shooting in Dhaka
With lockdown in full swing I’ve now found time to go through past footage and images.
Whilst I was shooting the shipyard project in Dhaka my fixer, Akash, filmed me at work.
I’ve never seen myself working like this so thought I’d post it to show one of the ways I work.
Global Action Plan - Our Lives. Our Planet.
I was asked to make a short film about the effects of air pollution on a couple from Eastleigh in Hampshire. It was for the launch of a clean air campaign for the charity Global Action Plan.
30 Second NHS Recruitment films out now
Been out and about around the country focusing more on community care nurses and learning disabilities nurses for there continuing recruitment campaign.
NHS - 70 Social Media Films
To mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS I was asked to document the amazing...
Natwest Cricket
Shot this film for NatWest. The theme is 'Cricket has no boundaries' and it's about...
Finally managed to finish my film from the project I did in El Salvador about the gang MS-13.
The Penas Ciudad Prison, El Salvador
The Penas Ciudad Barrios is a maximum security prison for members of the
Project Pressure images shot a few years ago but have been under embargo until the Vienna exhibition.
Natwest Student film
The 10 second shorts I did for the NatWest
Nuffield TV Ads
Got my first ad on on terrestrial TV.
VCCP commissioned me to direct three short videos for digital billboards and on-line.
YouPic Interview
The interview I did for YouPic has just gone live.
Water Aid/Belu
Went over to India with the creative Paul Belford last year to shoot a short film
Screening of my film at Saatchi's
After shooting for Saatchi’s in Spain last week I was asked to do a screening of my
This Girl Can
As part of a project I did with Save the Children on the effects of austerity on some of the poorest communities in the UK I met up with Claire and
This is a first for me. I was asked to shoot an advert for Oxfam that was going to be animated.
I had three days free whilst on a commission to Manila, Philippines, and so visited the community of Vitas as part of my Urban Slums project. Vitas is a series of badly built and
Save the Children - Keighley
Working with Save the Children I started a project on the effects of austerity on some of the poorest communities in the UK. We visited the town of Keighley in Yorkshire to record the lives of
Save the Children shoot
Off to South Africa today on a shoot for Save the Children as part of their 'No Child born to Die' campaign. We're visiting Qwa Qwa in Free State to look at
March for the Alternative
Went to the March for the Alternative demonstration this Saturday; it was a great day with a good atmosphere. I was working on a project for the TUC, which we may be exhibiting
New Gaza Film
India, a country of over one billion people, is as diverse a place as you can find anywhere on the planet. I’ve been fortunate to
The world’s successor to the throne of commercialization was a natural documentary subject. Shanghai is a perfect example of
Four films produced for the London Serious Youth Violence Board as part of their 99% campaign. It’s a campaign involving the Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police, the
South Africa
As part of my on going study of the development of urban slums I visited Caracas, Venezuela. This is home to the most violent and some of the largest slums in South America. It’s also one of the most politically volatile
I was asked by Paul Belford at This is Real Art if I’d like to travel to Gaza for the Hoping Foundation and the UN. Having spent several days trying to get in from Egypt earlier in the year without luck I jumped at the chance. What I found was quite
Following on from my project in Dharavi, I decided to expand the depth of the project in a subject of significant global importance, the growth of slums in the developing world. It was only recently that the majority of the world’s population became urban dwellers. Much of that growth is by
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