I recently travelled to Senegal to shoot a street photography project in the capital. it was different for me as I usually travel for specific projects on a given subject. This time I wanted to work very loose and try some street photography. I spent time in around the cities markets, sports venues and beaches, capturing how the cities locals spend their time.
I recently travelled to Tbilisi, Georgia. with the plight of Ukrainian refugees filling
New Belgrade
I travelled to New Belgrade in Serbia to document the famous brutalist estate that the Yugoslavs built outside Belgrade in the 1960's and 70’s.

As with all these types of social housing, they generally
Claire 2022.
Went back up to Blackpool for Ellie-May’s 9th birthday party. First time I’ve
Dhaka Portraits
Along with the images from the dockyard I shot these portraits in the foundry. It was one of the most dangerous work environments I've ever seen and everyone was working barefoot or in sandals. The workers said they found it easier to work
like that. What really struck me was the amount of young children working there. The heat, smoke and molten metal isn't the best place for youngster to be growing up in. They where working with other family members and had to in order to earn enough money for the families to support themselves. School was too expensive. Poverty is the root cause of the problem here.
Dhaka, Bangladesh 2019
The ship building yards of Dhaka are possible one of the most hazzardist workplaces I’ve very seen. People climb around skeletal ship frames in bear feet and no safety ropes. Arch wielding equipment is left lying around the place with bear wires gaffer tapper into homemade voltage converters. In the foundries people do everything by hand and walk around in bear feet with moult metal in pools on the ground.
But in the week I was there I saw and heard of no injuries which is amazing given the conditions.
Up stream in Chittagong big ship are broken up and many of the parts come to Dhaka to be reassembled for local passenger vessels. Somehow it all works in it’s own way.
Dhaka, Bangladesh 2019
Breaking Britain
Britain has now been subjected to over 10 years of austerity. While those at the top were given the biggest state-sponsored bailout in history, the rest of society had to pay for it. For those at the bottom end of the economic ladder, life is precarious.
The Shatila refugee camp was set up by the Red Cross to house the thousands of Palestinian refugees who arrived there in 1948. The current population is estimated to be over
Project Pressure images shot a few years ago but have been under embargo until the Vienna exhibition.
The district of Stolipinovo in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria is home to the largest Roma community in Europe. Built in the late 1960's to 70's the area was residentially mixed with Bulgarians from many
I had three days free whilst on a commission to Manila, Philippines, and so visited the community of Vitas as part of my Urban Slums project. Vitas is a series of badly built and unmaintained tenement blocks that the government built for the scavengers that had to scrape a living on the famous
Egypt Murals
Whilst I was in Cairo covering the protests over the proposed new constitution I noticed the way the protesters painted murals to record the events and those killed during
Myanmar 2017
After visiting Yangon last year I felt a real itch to go back and explore the city in more depth. As it's only recently
The world’s successor to the throne of commercialization was a natural documentary subject. Shanghai is a perfect example of how China has fast-tracked in its
I first started shooting in Brazil after a commission from the Ford Foundation in November 2001. I was able to extend my stay and decided to document one of Rio’s many favelas. I worked closely with a local
Now that the military dictatorship in Myanmar is coming to an end the country has become one of the new frontier states on the tourist trail. The country is famous for it's temples and monks so I decided to look a bit more under the skin of the place so I focused on
In 2014 Ukraine entered a crisis of its future and it's identity. Half the country looks to the West, the other half to the East. This crisis exploded onto
Save the Children - Keighly
Working with Save the Children I started a project on the effects of austerity on some of the poorest communities in the UK. We visited the town of Keighley in Yorkshire to record the lives of
At the beginning of the year I visited Tokyo to work on a small project of portraits of commuters. Little did I know about the terrible events that would befall Japan two months later. The idea was to
Kyiv Requiem
A week after my first visit to the protests in Independence Square events took a decisive turn. The square erupted into a pitched battle on the Tuesday and finished off with the police shooting live rounds directly at
Spent the day at Ascot Races on the 16th June. It was 'Ladies Day' when everyone goes all dressed up. It's notorious for the gangs of
Following on from my project in Dharavi, I decided to expand the depth of the project in a subject of significant global importance, the growth of slums in the developing world. It was only recently that the majority of the world’s population became
This may seem a little left field considering my usual areas of interest. This folio started in the same way as the others, a desire to understand how people
United Kingdom
The United Kingdom doesn’t always feel that united. Contradiction runs throughout society and
The Jungle camp in Calais is home to 6000 refugees from the Middle East and Africa. After spending several weeks and several thousand dollars more and more people are arriving at this make shift refugee camp daily. To describe the Jungle as a camp is misleading as this is unlike any
Once a sleepy backwater of the communist bloc, Mongolia is now host to the biggest resource bonanza in the world. Deep within its soil lie some of the greatest un-tapped deposits of coal and mineral wealth in the world. Now it is opening its doors to foreign
A diverse folio of both personal projects and commissions from advertising & design agencies, issue based NGO’s dealing with issues close to my heart –
India, a country of over one billion people, is as diverse a place as you can find anywhere on the planet. I’ve been fortunate to visit several times and it has been the location of some of my most
South Africa
Towards the end of my SPX commission, I had two days free so as part of my slums project I visited the Khayelitsha
I was asked by Paul Belford at This is Real Art if I’d like to travel to for the Hoping Foundation and the UN. Having spent several days trying to get in from Egypt earlier in the year without luck I jumped
El Salvador
El Salvador has a long history of gang violence and many films have been produced about the extreme brutality of the gangs. What I found was something I’ve not seen before. These were not the big psychopathic
The Penas Ciudad Prison, El Salvador
The Penas Ciudad Barrios is a maximum security prison for members of the Mara Salvatrucha Gang, or MS, in the South of El Salvador. It was built for 800 inmates and now house's over 2500. The prison is practically run internally by the gang who
As part of a project I did with Save the Children on the effects of austerity on some of the poorest communities in the UK I met up with Claire and Sean and their new born daughter Ellie-May.
Both Claire and Sean had had a very tough life dealing with drug addition and and were both desperate to
Middle East
The impact of politics and ideologies on communities has continued to be a recurrent theme in my work. When the second intifada began at the end of 2000 I was interested to see how the violence was
The Americas
This folio covers corporate and NGO commissions. Action Aid commissioned a study on
As part of my on going study of the development of urban slums I visited Caracas, Venezuela. This is home to the most violent
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