The Americas
This folio covers corporate and NGO commissions. Action Aid commissioned a study on the state of rural communities in the South Americas, Plan needed project work in Bolivia documenting whilst Nissan wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of their vehicles in the extreme environments of Argentina. An invitation to participate in a curated show by Panos marking the UN’s Millenium Objectives – an interesting opportunity to reflect on the appalling levels of female literacy in the developing world.

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The feet of a peasant farmer. Peru. On commission for Action Aid.
A giant screen showing none stop Elvis films at Graceland during Elvisweek to mark the singers birthday. Menphis, USA
An Elvis impersonator outside the Graceland complex, Memphis, USA
An Elvis impersonator preparing to go on stage, Memphis, USA
During the celebrations at Gracelands during Elvisweek hundreds of Elvis inpersonators gather to compet. The inpersonator are looked down on by the offical organisor and so they set they're own competition up in one of the local hotels. Menphis, USA
Reef laid at Gracelands during Elvis week, to mark the singer's birthday. Memphis, USA
Part of a serises shoot for for Survival International documenting disparate communities that under threat of extinction. Here I photographed the Innu community in Davis Inlet, Canada. The community had been nomadic until low flying military jets and a oil pipeline disrupted the migration flows of the carabu, which was their main source of food. During the ensuing famine the government constructed a permanent settlement for the Innu. This provided for their material needs but destroyed their nomadic way of life. Alcoholism, petrol sniffing and domestic violence followed. For me it was the most depressing place I've ever stayed. The very soul of the people seemed to have been destroyed, they were totally lost.
In order to protect themselves from raids 'Shining Path' the local Maoist guerillias, locals have created their own patrols to police their communities. Bambamarca Peru.
Portrait of Samuel Rich, who lives alone on the edge of the village holding on to his memories of a nomadic past. Davis Inlet, Canada.
The community seemed to be divided in half. Those who drank or sniffed petrol and those who went hunting at the weekend. Here Edward goes off to collect firewood. We would travel for several hours to find a good hunting spot and then set up tents as a base for the next few nights. Temperatures would reach -30C at night.
Portrait of Fidel Castro on a visit to a health clinic. Havana. On commission for the Daily Telegraph.
Woman drunk at a bar in Havana, Cuba.
Portrait of a brother and sisiter. Equador. On commission for Action Aid.
Peasent farmer at home. Equador. Commissioned by Action Aid.
Portrait shot in the mining region of Potusi in Bolvia. Commissioned by Action Aid.
A womens meeting, Equador. Commissioned by Action Aid.
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