India, a country of over one billion people, is as diverse a place as you can find anywhere on the planet. I’ve been fortunate to visit several times and it has been the location of some of my most interesting work. From a commission from Brouillard in New York for HSBC shooting street photography to a Bursery from the National Media Museum to document the re-development of Dharavi, one of the largest slums in India.

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Goats picking through rubbish left outside people’s homes. Mahim Sion Link Road. Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
A motorcycle speeds passed the crowds in the market on Dharavi Main Road, Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
Leather workers in one of the many sweatshops, Dharavi, Mumbai, India,
Children in an apartment block. The block is only part built and the developer has abandoned it, leaving the residents without water or electricity. Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
Builders on the construction of a new apartment block, Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
Homes and workshops built along the Mahim Sulochana Shetty Road, Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
A potter stoking his kiln with waste paper as the sunsets at the end of the day. The kilns are fired up in the evening and bake the pots during the night. They are removed around 6am the next day. The potters have lived in Dharavi for several generations and is one of the main employers in the community. Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
Young girl throwing a kitten into the rubbish outside her home under the Mahim Sion Link Road.
Children caught in the lights of a motorbike at a market on the Dharavi Main Road, Mumbai, India.
Street party for a wedding on the Mahim Sulochana Shetty Road, Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
Dusk falls on the busy market on Dharavi Main Road. Mumbai, India.
Street scene in a local market on Dharavi Main Road. Mumbai, India.
Workers at an oil drum recycling workshop washing after a shift. Dharavi, Mumbai, India.
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