As part of a project I did with Save the Children on the effects of austerity on some of the poorest communities in the UK I met up with Claire and Sean and their new born daughter Ellie-May.
Both Claire and Sean had had a very tough life dealing with drug addition and and were both desperate to break the cycle and finally have a family. Ellie-May was Claire's 7th child. Five of her previous children had been taken away by social services, the other child being still born.
I struck up a close relationship with them and visited them in Keighley several times. Things were going well until Sean had problem keeping off the drugs. Social Services found out and told Claire that unless she left Sean they would once again take her child from her. This meant Claire had to go into hiding in a woman shelter leaving Sean alone. Three months later Sean committed suicide.
Claire has now started a new life with Ellie-May in Blackpool and this is her story.

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Claire and Sean with Ellie-May in Claire's new flat in Keighley. Sean her partner had his own flat two floors down.
Claire with Ellie-May.
In Claires bedroom with Sean looking on.
Sean with his dog in the kitchen.
Claire had most of her baby gear donated by Save the Children.
In Seans front room
Sean in his kitchen
Pictures on Sean's wall.
Claire at her new home in Blackpool
Spot picking for Ellie-May
In the kitchen
Reading a story in the front room.
The bus in town for shopping
Price checking
Waiting for the bus home
At Home
Tea time
Waiting for a friend to arrive.
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