Honduras for Sunday Telegraph
Just back from a short four day trip to Honduras for the Sunday Telegraph. It was for a story about the gangs of San Pedro, the city with the highest murder rate in the country with the highest murder rate in the world. We went out on a patrol with the army who now patrol the streets since the local police were unable to cope with the high level of violence. We also visited a coffee farm sponsored by Kenco that try to help kids from the barrio's find an alternative to a life in the gangs.

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Police examining the body of Jose Tinoco aged 22. He was murdered in Rivero Hernandez barrio of San Pedro Sula because he had dared to try and leave his gang, the 18 street.
Police patrolling the barrio of San Pedro Sula. It has the highest murder rate in San Pedro, the murder capital of the world.
Edgardo Rodriguez, 34, a father of three young children in the city of Paradiso. He and his family have made three unsuccessful attempts to illegally emigrate to the USA.
Genesis Rodriguez, 7, at the families sparsely furnished home in the city of Paradiso.
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