Action Aid
Shot as part of an exhibition commission to mark the 8 Millennium Goals. Eight UK charities got together and asked eight photographers to document one of the Millennium Goals. I was asked to report on gender inequalities in the developing world. We travelled to central Guatemala to documented several rural communities as Guatemala is one of the 70 countries to have failed to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of gender parity in education in 2005. Commissioned by Action Aid.

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Mother and daughter.
Mother and daughter cvooking.
Gesvia Luduvina Ja Grave (5) sits in a plastic water butt, while her mother Francisca Grave Lope (31) works on the vegetable patch.
Portrait of mother and daughter shot as part of an exhibtion commission to mark the 8 Millenium Goals. Commissioned by Action Aid.
Mother Lucia Cac (52), 12 children, no education, with her Daughter Cleotilde Cholom Cac, (9), 1st grade “I wanted to go to school but my parents weren’t supportive. Anyway, in the community where I lived there wasn’t a school. As an adult I’ve tried again to get some schooling, but my husband hasn’t wanted me to. I want my daughter to finish her schooling so she can be someone important later on. She might be able to help us have a better life too.” Lucia
Mother, Maria Santos Xol (40), no education, with her Daughter Yolanda Chub Xol (18), 6th grade. “I’m grateful to my parents for sending me to school, for giving me the chance to learn to read and write. I’d like to train to be a secretary. But there’s no money for that just now. If I do one day get the chance, I’d love to be able to help my family and my community. I’d fight for women’s rights.” Yolanda “I was against educating my children. I thought it was unnecessary. When I was a child, my parents didn’t send me to school. But my husband thought differently and always supported the idea of sending our kids to school. He helped me change my mind. Thank God he did. Seeing the benefits school brings for children helped too. If we get some money I’d like my girl to go back to school. Education is a good thing. I wish all of my kids had had the chance.” Maria
Grandmother Natividad Chub (50), no education, Mother, Olga Beatriz Cucul (29) no education and Daughter, Florencia Coc Cucul, (9), 3rd grade “I send my daughter to school so she can do much better for herself, so she can have a brighter future than me. I didn’t go to school and I don’t know how to read or write.” Olga “I like the fact that I’m able to go to school to learn, and to have the chance to complete my studies. Maybe then I could become a teacher.” Florencia
Mother, Claudia Elizabeth Torres Garcia (24), high-school graduate with her Daughter Jackeline Yumira Rivera Torres, (6) 1st grade “I’ve learnt from going to school so see things from a different point of view. I feel very lucky. I can face life on my own.” Jackeline “I want my daughter to finish her schooling and have a career. I’d like her to get a good job. I’d like both my daughters and my young son to become professionals so they could work hard for their community. “ Claudia
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