Plan International
A selection of images that I have taken for Plan International over several years and several continents.

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A peasant farmer using his hands to sift through his grain. Bolivia.
A young boy collects twigs for a fire. He and his sister have been orphaned through AIDS and have been abadoned by the rest of they're village. When we met them neither had eaten for two days. Both still attend school, the girl wishes to become a doctor and the boy a pilot. June 2005
Two young boys who work burning wood to make charcoal. The smoke around the ovens is thick and very chocking. Paraguay, South America.
A street scene in central Cameroon.
A woman raking over the straw left over from a recent harvest, Bolivia, South America.
Smoke from a breakfast fire seeps through the straw roof of a dwelling. Kenya, East Africa.
Football players in Kenya.
A young girl rest in the morning whilst her sister gets help with her homework from their mother, Cambodia.
Country road at night, Kenya, East Africa.
Two Sudanese woman hiding from the baking mid-day sun close to the Eritrean. The area was a militarized zone due to recent fighting with the Eritrean’s and had suffered a major flood in the previous week. Sudan.
Crossroads in Khartum, Sudan. June 2003
Scene from a car park in Katmandu, Sudan
Electric coconut trees, Khartum, Sudan. June 2003
Crowds watching a football match, Katmandu, Sudan
Shepards returning home with their flocks as the sun set's in Eastern Sudan.
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